Here you can learn about the steps to generate the report of Invoice not raised Jobs

1. Login with Fresa  Gold, Navigate to  Accounts, select Accounts Receivables (A/R) (Fig.1).

accounts receivable


2. Select A/R Shipment or Job Not Invoiced (Fig.2).

accounts receivables


3. In A/R Shipment /Job without Invoice, enter the Date Range of From and To Date, choose the Client, once entered click Submit button (Fig.3).

A/R shipment or job not raised invoice


4. Once entered, now it will display the customer with Job Number in which Invoice is not raised (Fig.4).

A/R shipment or job not invoiced


5. To download the report, click option select Download and click (Fig.5).



Now these are the steps to generate the A/R Shipment or Job with invoice not raised.