What is LCL Shipment?

LCL enables importers to ship smaller amounts of cargo that’s not of a large enough volume to make FCL a viable option. This means your cargo is combined with other shipping consignments headed for the same destination.

Steps to attach the LCL Shipment in Master Job

Here you can learn about the steps to the LCL Shipment in Job.

1. Login with Fresa Gold, Navigate to Documentation, select Particular Job (Fig.1).



2. Click the shipment tab in the Job list.(Fig.2)



3. Click the Attach shipment button to attach the list of  LCL Shipment into Master Job.(Fig.3)


4. Select the Origin and destination as same as the Master Job origin and Destination, then only it will reflect in the Attach shipment list, then click the search button, then it will reflect according to the Origin and Destination.(Fig.4)



5. Once Click the Search button, it will reflect the list of shipments, select the shipment to attach in Master Job and click save button to save the selected shipment to attach in Job.(Fig.5)



6. Now in  Master job, the following selected LCL shipment is added into  Master job will show the Total No Subjob, No of Pcs, total weight and volume.(Fig.6)

Freight Forwarding


Hope you got an idea about to attach the LCL Shipment into Master Job.