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Contributing for Organizational and self success

First and foremost I am really grateful to Fresa for this opportunity, as you all know that this is my first job, I personally feel that I am quite lucky for getting placed at Fresa. It’s an organization which really encourages a lot of fresher’s and teach them from the scratch in terms of the industry knowledge and on the technical side as well. I have gained good experience in a short period and learned so many things from my team members as well the weekly training. I came into Fresa with Nil experience about Freight and Logistics industry but today I am so glad and appreciate the management desk who allow us to learn so many things by conducting various training schedules. One thing is very sure, if we are working for Fresa, we would be gaining knowledge and upgrading ourselves so wisely on different verticals. I am also very thankful to my co-workers who helps me in terms of clarifying my doubts, it is really an awesome working environment and friendly colleagues. Looking forward continue my work and contribute for org success.

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Keerthana S – Trainee

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Internship turned as employment

I am happy to start my carrier with Fresa Technologies. I came here as a intern only. The training they given and the support provided for my project
turned me to start my career here. All the employees are friendly and guided us to learn more
Thanks for our colleagues for encouraging us.
Weekly Training sections are conducted at Fresa will be very helpful for freshers like me.
*The softskill training increases our Motivation towards learning new technologies. Learned about Freight forwarding techniques, logistics from Fresa Technologies. Thank you Fresa for the confidence given.

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Moniga S – Trainee

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With Fresa learning is a continuous process

As a Fresher I have learned so much here in a short time period, with Fresa Technologies learning is a continuous process. I assure I am going to learn so many new techniques here with my team. In Fresa they are conducting extremely useful training weekly twice or thrice, this training helps to gain more knowledge about Freight Forwarding and New trends in IT sector. After attending the WordPress training I assure I will start website designing soon. Fresa Technologies offer good and positive work environment to learn. Thank u Fresa for the great opportunity.

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Vanathi E – Trainee