Agility, innovation, efficiency, predictability and customer satisfaction are all markers of a successful new-age digital organisation. And they all depend on an efficient supply chain and logistics management.

India is exploring its opportunities to become a fully 21st-century digital economy. The country is taking plenty of initiatives to promote economic digitalization and the countless new startups are illustrative of this success. But even though India has made great progress in the past two years, it still has a long way to go.

As India feels increasing pressure from strong digital economies such as the USA and China, the Indian government decided to invest massively in internet accessibility and digital growth. The country’s existing challenges can only be overcome with entrepreneurial determination, which is spreading at a quick pace. New business models, digital platforms and data-based services are shaping a new Indian market. Rapid change is occurring not only on an economic, but also on a social scale. digi logi2

Though companies across the spectrum know they need to start their digital transformation journeys, very few have actually managed to do so. According to IDG’s 2018 State of Digital Business Transformation report, 89% of enterprises have plans to adopt a digital-first business strategy. However, only 38% of traditional enterprises have one. The numbers are slightly more bullish when it comes to startups, with 55% having a digital strategy in place.

Full Truck Load (FTL) transport in India benefited greatly from this demonetization. The sector reported a 23% month-on-month revenue growth after the implementation in December 2016. Cashless transaction tools such as FASTags and diesel cards, a direct result from India Stack, resulted in significant savings on capital expenses for truck owners who associated themselves with such platforms.

Tax reform:

Besides the drastic demonetization reformations, India’s government implemented the largest tax reform ever at a single time. A complex constellation of 17 different tax systems was replaced by one transparent GST-system (Goods and Services Tax). More than 1 million businesses registered within the first month. This created digital data availability, resulting in new opportunities to open up extra sources of lending money to SMEs.

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The challenge of logistics:

It is not uncommon to see traditional organisations face logistics and supply chain challenges such as low transparency of fleet movement, un-optimised routes, fuel wastage, vehicle breakdown, irregular vehicle maintenance, inability to track goods’ movement/delivery, driver retention and failure to employ actionable intel to make smart business decisions. Further, linking banking services to make and receive payments during the logistics lifecycle is a major bottleneck.

Unfortunately ..most companies have legacy systems that create many hurdles in the way of seamless operations. The good news is that new-age digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Internet of Things (IoT) are helping to disrupt traditional systems and ensure end-to-end optimum logistics in companies of the future.

Various functions of the YES SCALE fleet management solution

First off, YES SCALE can enable tracking and monitoring of vehicles. It can provide complete visibility of non-owned fleets on a single dashboard and help companies track goods end-to-end.

YES SCALE, a multi-sector innovation program by YES BANK, focuses on transforming the logistics and supply chain function in companies across industries and facilitate innovative ways of doing business. It can help companies bring visibility across the entire value chain with IoT, automate processes by leveraging on the potential of Machine Learning, and build intelligence into the DNA of the logistics and supply chain functions with Artificial Intelligence.

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Various functions of the YES SCALE fleet management solution

First off, YES SCALE can enable tracking and monitoring of vehicles. It can provide complete visibility of non-owned fleets on a single dashboard and help companies track goods end-to-end.

The platform also has solutions with inbuilt analytics offering predictive maintenance to ensure that vehicles are in great shape. Additionally, the fleet management solution can provide the most optimum routes to take, save precious time and fuel costs, map tolls and fuel stations to provide a smooth journey.

The YES SCALE platform also comes with a connected drivers’ platform that can help monitor and manage driver health and behaviour. In-built banking services help companies make quick and hassle-free payments.

Driving efficiency with YES SCALE solutions

The YES SCALE platform comes with a plethora of disruptive solutions that can optimise operations, drive visibility, and increase revenue for companies.

FleetX can track non-owned vehicles to know location, mileage, optimum route, etc. It can also track empty vehicles to efficiently assign deliveries.

Vehicle health and predictive maintenance is a crucial cog in the logistics function. In tangles offers a vehicle health and driver management system that can ensure a vehicle is in top condition and keep driver behaviour in check.


Techno purple offers a solution that increases vehicle availability and transparency, and optimises route selection. Its tracking software is compatible with 100+ GPS solutions and RTOs.

Tyre Express, offers an IoT solution that can track tyre pressure, temperature, tread depth, etc. to increase tyre’s life. Additionally, it can map the tyre inventory and analyse tyre wear to provide timely maintenance alerts.

While digital technologies play a critical role on the road, they are equally important in warehouses. That’s where Addverb offers an IoT warehouse management solution that helps manage traffic within the warehouse. It eliminates manual checking, ensures precise loading and unloading, and also streamlines the inventory and supply chain management.

To meet current challenges and become future-ready, a digital transformation within the supply chain and logistics field is vital. It is a core differentiator that can define one’s success in business. YES SCALE understands this and wants to be a key enabler in helping companies write their digital transformation stories.

Want a much-coveted competitive edge? Partner with experts who can help you leap into the digital era today. Say YES to YES SCALE!

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