Sum function-1

What is Sum function?

Sum function is used to aggregate all the values on a selected column and display the total value in the report. Sum function is available in Pivot filter in the reports.

Here we are going to learn about the steps to use Sum function in fresa gold.
Step 1: Login with fresa gold and generate any report to use the sum function. Here we consider back dated vouchers report for example. (Fig-1)

Sum function


Step 2: Select options then click Format and then select Pivot option. (Fig-2)

Sum function


Step 3: Select the needed pivot column, row and in functions select sum option and enable the checkbox and click apply.(Fig-3)

Sum function


Step 4: Summary of back dated voucher with filtered columns and sum of Net amount will be displayed on the screen. (Fig-4)

Sum function


I hope you got an idea about the steps to use Sum function in fresa gold.

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