[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Purpose : Purchase invoice ,user can book a single purchase invoice for a vendor/supplier with more than one jobs.

  1. Login with Fresa Gold and book a purchase invoice from a single job/shipment(click here to view  single job purchase invoice booking).
  2. Once Purchase invoice booked, open the respective purchase invoice and click Pending charges (Fig-1).Fig-1


3. Here, system will reflect the list of pending charges for that respective vendor/supplier(Fig-2), select the required charges or all charges and you can use the Job no. and Shipment No. filter for search the particular job/shipment, once selected finally click Save button.



4. Once click save, the selected charges will display on Account details on the purchase invoice/ supplier invoice.Fig-3


we have created single purchase invoice for multiple jobs, now you can approve and post the purchase invoice.