Dear user, You can create payroll slip for your employee from Fresa gold, Please find the below steps.

1. Login with Fresa Gold, Goto HR -> Payroll -> payroll list (Fig-1),



here you can view list of employee and already generated payroll details, If you want to generate new payroll for particular month, right side top click create button, (Fig-2).



2. Now, you can see the employee name, A/C name, branch, Currency and Salary amount, Once filled all required details, save the details using save button, (Fig-3),



3. On the same screen you can see the add button to add the Salary break up for this Month or else if you defined already the salary breakup details in Employee master you can pull it using get Salary option.



4. Here, you can enter the breakup, For example basic salary 2800, Enter salary the details as per below figure (Fig-5), second if you want to enter HRA, Click Save and New button, by the same way you can enter multiple breakup.



Hope, Above steps helpful to generate payroll slip from Fresa Gold system