Here you can learn about how to upload Excel data in journal voucher.

1.Login in with Fresa Gold, Navigate to Accounts->All Vouchers, select journal voucher.(Fig.1).

freight forwarding


2.Download the Sample Format(Fig.2).

freight fording


3. Once download the sample Format open the file and Enter the details (Fig.3).

freight forwarding


4. Once details entered copy the EDI Format column only(Fig.4).


freight forwarding


5.Open the journal voucher and past the copied values (EDI Format value ) then click next button.(Fig.5).

freight forwarding


6. Now you can see the summary of JV upload then click save.(Fig.6)

freight forwarding


7. The copied Excel file is updated in JV (Fig.7).freight forwarding



Hope you got an idea about how to upload the Excel data in journal voucher.