Field Count is invalid (should be 10 or 11) in Dubai Trade import EDI submission.

While we upload Import manifest Dubai EDI from Fresa Gold/XPress, Some cases you can see the below error message (Fig -1 ) in Dubai trade website.

Field Count is invalid (should be 10 or 11)



For the above errorĀ  you can refer the Dubai manifest import EDI document as well you can refer the sample file format andĀ  if the import EDI text file having any special character in Shipper or Consignee or notify party name, address, Importer code, Commodity description, Marks and numbers field, vessel name or voyage number and other details field, the below error may reflect, if you are face the error just open the respective job in Fresa XPress or Gold, remove special character from above mentioned filed again download and upload the manifest in DP trade website.

The second method is open the import manifest text EDI file in notepad or notepad++, just remove the special character from above mentioned field save / save as the file, upload the new special character removed file, you can upload the file without any error message.