To change your current password use the below and do the steps mentioned:-

Step 1:

Open the webmail URL in the browser,


(Fig 1.0)

Step 2:

Click “Advanced” as mentioned in Fig 1.0


(Fig 1.1)

Step 3:

Click “Proceed to (unsafe)” as mentioned in Fig 1.1


(Fig 1.2)

Step 4:

Please provide your company email ID and Password then clicks the Sign In button.


(Fig 1.3)

Step 5: After login in webmail click Preferences –> General –> Change Password button, you will get the pop screen (Fig 1.4) as below,


(Fig 1.4)

Step 6: 

In the change password screen (Fig 1.4) Please provide the current, new password and confirm password, Click change password button.

Your new password successfully changed also please note the same new password and provide the same new password to your email client (outlook, thunderbird, and mobile email account).